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Reviewing Divorce Grounds For Singapore Courts

Singapore divorce proceedings require the petitioner to follow strict laws. These laws help petitioners who need a divorce based on fault-based grounds. A divorce lawyer from IRB Law in Singapore helps these petitioners follow the guidelines and prevent issues that could delay their divorce.

Reviewing Infidelity as a Ground

Infidelity as a divorce ground requires evidence. If the defendant admits to the infidelity, they could sign the divorce agreement and avoid unwanted delays. However, if they do not agree to these terms, the defendant must contest the divorce. They have a period of fourteen days to file a motion to contest these allegations. If they do not answer the divorce petition, the petitioner could achieve a final judgment via default.

When Domestic Violence is the Reason

When domestic violence is the reason for the divorce, the petitioner could acquire a protection order. This order prohibits the attacker from visiting areas in which the petitioner is present. This includes their home, office, and additional locations specified in the order.

The petitioner could use all police reports associated with these allegations to prove their case. If they can prove inhumane treatment due to domestic violence, the judge will grant the divorce. They may also provide additional protection against the defendant.

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Requirements for Desertion as a Divorce Ground

To claim desertion, the petitioner must live apart from the defendant for at least two years. If the petitioner isn’t aware of the whereabouts of their spouse, they must place a notice in the local newspaper to announce the divorce. This gives the spouse up to two months to contest the divorce.

How Legal Separations Apply in Divorce Proceedings

Legal separations are achievable by using the same grounds as a divorce. If the couple chooses to file a divorce after a legal separation, they should live apart for at least one year.

Singapore divorce laws require that all petitioners provide evidence of fault-based grounds. If the defendant signs an affidavit agreeing to these terms, the court won’t impose a lengthy waiting period for a final judgment. Petitioners who need answers about divorce proceedings should contact a Singapore divorce lawyer now.

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